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From the Pastor's Desk: Jun 2023

Dear Members and Friends,

As we enter the month of June, the liturgical calendar passes into the Season after Pentecost, which runs through Christ the King Sunday at the end of November. Our worship this month will include several special Sundays. On Sunday, June 4 we observe Trinity Sunday and receive into membership this year’s Confirmation Class, which consists of cousins Kathryn Becker and Hannah Martin. I know we will all want to congratulate them on their diligence and welcome them into full participation in church life. On Sunday, June 11, the church school concludes its program year with June Jubilee, in which the young people lead worship. This year’s theme is “Fruits of the Spirit.” Following the worship service that day, we will also hold the annual church picnic, which all are encouraged to attend. Sunday, June 18, which is Fathers’ Day, will be a “normal” Sunday, then on Sunday, June 25 our worship will recognize Pride Month by considering how Jesus might feel about the celebration of LGBTQAI+ people and their long quest for dignity and civil rights.

June 25 also marks my final Sunday as your transitional pastor. These nine months have passed in a flash, it seems, and Sarah and I are already missing the wonderful church community we discovered here. Church protocols require that we step away cleanly from pastoral ministry at KPC, creating space for the new leader to assume that mantle. It just may be permissible, however, for us to return next Spring for Rummage!

As you know, the Pastor Nominating Committee continues its hard work searching for a new installed pastor for KPC. While it is impossible to predict exactly when they will be ready to present their candidate for the congregation’s approval, all hope it will be sometime this summer and that a new pastor will be arriving in the Fall. In the meantime, let us keep the committee and its process in our prayers and remain confident that their faithful efforts will bear sweet fruit.

See you in church!


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