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The Deacons are united in their mission to serve, honor and care for church members and friends. 
Current Slate of Deacons
Bob Cushman, Joanne Dobson, Karen Eldon, Carla Gessman, Gina Gorman, Rhoda Ingberman, Kathryn Mullane, Julie Rosenburg,
Jim Schmidt, Marga Spiller, Sara Weale, Bob Whitton

Thank you, for electing us and trusting us to serve you. If you need us in any way, please call the church office at  914 232 4568 or


Member & Community Support

Visiting people in hospitals, hospices, nursing homes, and in their homes; we take care of our members and friends. We also provide rides to doctor appointments, offer meals to those in need, and host memorial service receptions.

Holiday Outreach

During the holidays, the deacons remember those that might be lonely or have had a difficult year. Through Easter Lilies, Holiday cookies, and poinsettias, we remind them we are supporting them.

Short-term assistance for the financially insecure

We provide grocery, gas, home-heating fuel, and legal fees to those who have found themselves in a short-term difficult situation.

Prayers for our Congregation

As we have been taught, we pray for our congregation. Through the year, we pray individually for each member, friend, and family friend a prayer of intercession asking God to care for them.

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