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What Should I Expect on My First Visit?

Our mission states that we strive to be an inclusive, vibrant, caring church family—nurtured and strengthened in faith, reflecting God’s love. That is what we are constantly striving towards. So, what can you expect? A big welcome! And an atmosphere that is informal and friendly.


When you arrive there will be an Usher at the door handing out bulletins. They are there to welcome you and help you find a seat. They are also there if you have questions, need assistance or want to speak to someone more in depth. We have a Deacon on duty each Sunday and the Ushers can help you find them. 

There are also slips in the chairs in front of you and in the bulletin for you to fill out, drop in the collection plate and we will get in touch with you. 


If we notice you are new we might come over and say hello, please feel no pressure, we are just friendly folks. 


All are welcome to our coffee hour where you will find good people, good coffee, and good treats. Please join us.

Frequently Asked Questions
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