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Giving Our Lives

On the Seventh Sunday of Easter, we worshiped together in the KPC Sanctuary and via Facebook Live.

On this particular Sunday, our worship service included time for us to lament the horrible tragedy in Uvalde, Texas, and included space for remembering those who have given their lives for a cause greater than themselves—people risking their lives to protest injustice; law enforcement officers risking their lives to maintain peace; soldiers giving their lives for the cause of freedom; and those of us who are called to give of our lives day by day in the course of a lifetime.

In Philippians 1:21-30, Paul writes “For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” He was in prison, unaware if he faced execution or release. In a very real sense, he was promising us that a life lived in Christ, or even a death in Christ, is a life and promise of everlasting life worthwhile.

The Ingberman Family assisted with the spoken word. Our music featured a percussion trio, the Worship Choir and Music Director Eunkyung “Grace” Woo on piano and organ.

NOTE: Because of fluctuating levels of COVID cases locally, we have adopted protocols governing incremental return to normal in-person worship and congregating. See the March 2022 edition of PresNotes newsletter for details. These guidelines are being modified by the Session too recognize the current resurgence of cases in the region.


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