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With Love from the Deacons....

A Most Sensitive Time

Among the duties Deacons undertake, assisting at Memorial Services commands special attention.

There are prayers for the deceased and the family followed by marshaling Deacons to support the family in any way they can. These events are dealt with great sensitivity and a desire to accommodate the family's wishes.

Deacon involvement starts when Pastor Jack, having met with the family, conveys their requests to us. Most families opt for a reception with the Deacons supplying the food. Food signup is emailed and flowers for the food tables are ordered. Sometimes the family chooses to have outside catering, either all or part. No matter what, Deacons adjust.

Deacons are also responsible for ushering at the service, handing out programs, and seating guests. After the service, Deacons help at the reception with food, hot and cold beverages, and post-event clean-up. Almost all of the receptions take place in Fellowship Hall but some are outdoors, weather permitting.

No matter what, the Deacons are focused on what the family wants and does all they can to help create a service and reception that supports the grieving family and friends, and alleviates, for at least a bit, the loss of their loved one.


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