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Oct 2nd Service: Rowboats or Sailboats?

KPC welcomes Pastor, Lindley DeGarmo to the pulpit.

FIRST LESSON Luke 1:26-38


SERMON “Rowboat or Sailboat?” - Dr. DeGarmo

Churches tend to be like either rowboats or sailboats. Rowboat churches depend on the power they can generate from their own resources, especially the skills, time, and money of their members and how hard they are willing to “row” on behalf of the church’s ministry. In contrast, sailboat churches know that what they have or lack in the way of human and material resources is not the decisive factor in what they can accomplish as a church. Rather, their members look upon church as a continuing adventure with a God who leads and empowers them to do more than they could ever have dreamed.

Listen to the service by clicking here


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