We have made a commitment to be open to the power of God's love as expressed in our Vision and Mission Statements (drafted and adopted in 2013):

We are:

  • an inclusive, vibrant, caring church family,
  • nurtured and strengthened in faith,
  • reflecting God's love.

We make God's love visible, as Jesus taught, by:

  • nurturing our faith through prayer, worship and education
  • building deeper relationships through care and fellowship
  • serving those in need through mission and outreach
  • and inviting and welcoming all.

Rummage 2016

Rummage is Caring . . . Sharing . . . Love . . . Be Part of the Experience!

Monday, April 25th through Saturday, April 30th

 Monday 4/25 10 am – 7 pm   Outside Sales only

Tuesday 4/26 9am – 6 pm   Outside Sales only

Wed 4/27 9am-6pm Outside plus toy tent & inside incl Boutique opens

Thurs & Fri 4/28 4/29  9am-6pm     Sat 4/30 Last Day 9am-12pm 


Church Information

We meet for worship each Sunday at 10am. These services feature the choir, an informal Presbyterian liturgy and are held concurrently with Church School for children of all ages. 

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