We have made a commitment to be open to the power of God's love as expressed in our Vision and Mission Statements (drafted and adopted in 2013):

We are:

  • an inclusive, vibrant, caring church family,
  • nurtured and strengthened in faith,
  • reflecting God's love.

We make God's love visible, as Jesus taught, by:

  • nurturing our faith through prayer, worship and education
  • building deeper relationships through care and fellowship
  • serving those in need through mission and outreach
  • and inviting and welcoming all.

Inquirer's Forum

Have you ever wondered what it means to be a Presbyterian and what it might take to become a member of the loving church family of First Presbyterian Church of Katonah (KPC)?

Come and find out! We will meet for a small Inquirer's Forum on Sunday, June 26th in the Church House Parlor/Library after worship and coffee at 11:30 a.m. (Childcare will be provided.)

You will learn what KPC can offer you and your family and how you can use your gifts  to support/get involved in the many different missions of our church, grow in faith and discipleship.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Pastor: Rev. Dr. Jack Cabaness
Elders: Jean White, Marga Spiller 

Church Information

We meet for worship each Sunday at 10am. These services feature the choir, an informal Presbyterian liturgy and are held concurrently with Church School for children of all ages. 

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